Jon Chambers


Hi! My name is Jon and I'm based in Chicago where I teach media literacy, media art histories, net art, new media art (software + hardware) and video at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, University of Illinois at Chicago and Northwestern University. I have shown work nationally and internationally, in screening venues, galleries and online. My full CV can be found here.

My work reflects experiences of saturation, obsessions and often humorous contradictions that emerge from our relationships with virtual life and technology. I'm particularly interested in how we negotiate the duality of our digital and physical bodies within these networks of consumerism, surveillance and identity. Enduring and uncanny feelings may emerge, urging us to think about the polished and designed technological interfaces we encounter everyday and where those interactions start to break down. I use various mediums including code, electronics, sculpture, video, Internet, digital prints, 3D prints, 3D animation, and sound.

Please feel free to contact me: jon (at) and links to my various social media accounts can be found above.